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About Royal and Mixon Family History
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This website is dedicated to the Edwards and Rasmussen families that lived in Central and Southern 
The Edwards line lived in England then migrated to Utah, wherre they eventually ended up in 
Southern Utah around Beaver.

The Rasmussen line came first from Denmark, then came to Utah and settled most in the Sevier 
County area.

Much of the information found on this website has been gathered from previous 
generations of genealogist from both the Edwards and Rasmussen lines.I appreciate 
all the hard work these people did to provide us with the history of our ancestors. I would 
respectly ask that if you use this information you use these great people as the source.

I have tried to document each family member the best I could with the available 
information from census, death or birth certificates, gravesites, etc.

I have enjoyed putting this information together for all to view.
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